Industrial Buying and Leasing

Unlock Your Property’s True Potential

Selling or leasing a commercial real estate property requires expertise, strategy and a results-driven approach to maximize value from the property. Whether you’re looking to sell or lease, I can help you unlock your property’s potential and showcase its best qualities.

Services include:

  • Tenant Procurement
  • Strategic, multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Comprehensive lease negotiations
  • Construction supervision

With an advanced degree in digital marketing, certifications in digital data analytics and an extensive database of potential buyers, I offer a strategic approach to identifying and engaging with the most qualified buyers and tenants. Drawing on my deep marketing expertise and long track record of developing award-winning digital campaigns, I apply proven print and digital marketing strategies to help clients creatively market their property.

Having partnered for years with business professionals and organizations across a range of industries, I offer a holistic perspective that adds unique value to my clients. With a robust network of contacts and deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the commercial industry, my areas of expertise span all aspects of the commercial real estate process. I work with towns on zoning, determine variance requirements, partner with attorneys to obtain permits and even enlist engineers, architects and designers to help determine the best use of the space.

In other words, I do the due diligence and connect the dots for a smooth process and a timely closing—all while protecting your best interests.

As your Trusted Advisor, I will:

  • Educate you on the various nuances of the process and show you what to look for
  • Tap my extensive database of professional contacts to identify potential buyers/tenants
  • Apply expert negotiation strategies to secure the best terms on your behalf
  • Engage the appropriate resources, including attorneys, environmental experts, financial advisors, architects and more to help you understand regulatory, environmental and legal issues, as well as ISRA requirements
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