Why Choose Us

Why Newmark?

Newmark Associates, Inc. focuses on the real estate needs of midsize corporations, entrepreneurial firms, and professional practices. Extensive and comprehensive market analysis, creative problem solving, and attention to detail provide our clients with outstanding results. The firm's expertise in lease negotiations, lease renewal, the sale of buildings, industrial facilities or mixed-use sites is well known in the real estate industry,

Why Therese O'Brian

My experience is your advantage

I have over 25 years of experience working with business leaders in the professional services industry. I understand how office space, cost and location directly impact the success of a company’s operations, culture, and client acquisition strategies.  This experience allows me to ensure the best outcome for my clients—both the business leader acquiring space and the landlord providing it.

Chief "Connect-the-Dots" Officer

Having served in different segments of real estate for over six years, I understand how to leverage space to maximize workflow, collaboration and brand perception. I have a vetted and extensive network of experts to provide any solution my clients may need.  From space planning and interior design to building and procurement, I can assemble and manage the best team to deliver the results my clients need to achieve their business goals.

Constantly learning so you don’t have to

My thirst for learning, commitment to professional growth, and dedication to my clients’ success is why I stay abreast of industry happenings and innovation.  I constantly monitor the market and environment and remain informed of what global companies are doing to stay ahead of innovative trends that maximize efficiency, build brands, and create a thriving organizational culture. With this knowledge, I help clients navigate the real estate environment, advise in their decision-making process, and effectively represent them at the negotiating table

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